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Qi Gong

for Self Healing, Self Love & Self Mastery w/ Blake D. Bauer

Join Qi Gong & Meditation Master Blake D. Bauer as he guides you through the most effective self-healing practices available. QI GONG FOR SELF HEALING, SELF LOVE & SELF MASTERY teaches gentle meditations and exercises designed to:


•    Strengthen Your Immune System, Digestion & Circulation

•    Prevent Illness & Disease

•    Transform Anxiety, Fear, Anger & Depression Into Peace, Health & Happiness

•    Unlock Stuck Energy In Your Body, Heart, Mind, & Overall Energy System

•    Activate Your Body’s Natural Self-Healing & Detoxification Potential

•    Open Your Joints To Prevent Pain & Stiffness

•    Keep Your Ligaments, Tendons, & Muscles Flexible, Nourished & Strong

•    Promote Vital Health, Longevity & Overall Wellbeing

•    Increase Mental Clarity, Brain Function & Concentration

•    Remove Feelings of Insecurity & Inadequacy

•    Awaken Feelings of Interconnectedness & Enlightenment 

•    Realign The Spine & Improve Posture

•    Decrease Stress & Calm The Central Nervous System

•    Rejuvenate Damaged Cells, Tissues & Organs 


QI GONG FOR SELF HEALING, SELF LOVE & SELF MASTERY will empower you to take your life, power and health back into your own hands so you can live your life to the fullest without feeling held back, limited or restricted. Whether you are struggling with physical illness, depression, stress or simply desire optimal health and vitality, Blake Bauer will support you to take the next step on your healing, spiritual and wellness journey.


To make this DVD as practical as possible, it is divided into six chapters, which can be done together or separately. For those struggling physically, emotionally or mentally, and for those seeking a deep meditation experience, it is recommended that you do the entire practice in its outlined order. For the best healing results, it is strongly recommended that you practice this entire practice at least once daily, but twice daily would be more effective.


•    Chapter One: Introduction to Qi Gong

•    Chapter Two: Warm Up Exercises

•    Chapter Three: Joint & Meridian Opening/Energy Circulation

•    Chapter Four: Organ Healing Meditation (This can be done laying down, sitting, or standing.)

•    Chapter Five: Qi Gong Sitting Meditation

•    Chapter Six: Short Practice for Mornings or Low Energy (additional & same footage as Chapter 2.)

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