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for Real Healing & Change


If you are looking for effective support to heal and change any area of your personal or professional life, I am currently accepting a limited number of private clients. If any of these topics are relevant please feel free to reach out below. I would be honored to help.

A few client testimonials below )

Personal (Professional Below)

  • Address The Root Cause of Physical, Emotional & Mental Health Symptoms  

  • Personal Goal & Life Purpose Coaching 

  • Depression & Anxiety Support 

  • Overcome Fears, Insecurities & Self-Doubt 

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage, Self-Betrayal, Self-Abandonment & Self-Rejection

  • Understand Exactly How To Love, Value, Accept, Honor, Trust, Forgive, Care For & Be True To Yourself

  • Understand Exactly How to Feel Worthy of Health, Happiness & Good Love

  • Support With Work / Your Relationship to Money / Building Wealth

  • Couples Counseling & Mediation

  • Healthy / Unhealthy Relationships

  • Marriage / Divorce / Dating Support

  • Parenting Support

  • Family of Origin Healing

  • Inner Child & Past Trauma Healing 

  • Addictions 

  • Anger Issues 

  • Forgiveness & Overcoming Betrayal 

  • Death / Grieving 

  • Meditation & Mind Training 

  • Spiritual Path

  • Qi Gong Healing Exercise

  • Energy Medicine & Healing


  • High Performance Coaching 

  • Mindful Business & Leadership Coaching

  • Executive Counseling & Coaching 

  • Emotional Intelligence Training 

  • Effective Communication Training 

  • Public Speaking Coaching

  • Mediation Support 

  • Career Change Strategy & Coaching 

  • Mindfulness Meditation Training For Executives & Companies

  • Publishing & Self-Publishing Success 

If you're interested please send an email with 'private coaching' in the subject line to the address below. Please note, there may be a waitlist.

A few past client testimonials:

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Blake in any capacity you can, before he becomes too busy to see clients or host his transformative retreats. His impact on my life has been so profound that it's overwhelming to summarize, but I'll try so that others on the fence will take the leap of faith.


I participated in two retreats and undertook 24 private coaching sessions with Blake. Throughout this time, he supported me in completing my PhD, while establishing a healthier, more exciting, and balanced lifestyle. He assisted me through the challenges of running multiple businesses and set me on a trajectory for my next book, potentially being published by a reputable publisher.


Thanks to Blake, I'm now happier, even more enthusiastic about life, and more confident in myself and in my romantic relationship. I've developed incredible daily routines of self-care, including meditation, qi gong, spending time in nature, and exercise. I restored my loving relationship with music production and composition and am working on my next album, and playing music regularly, on my own and publicly. I feel more empowered than ever to live my truth through my words and actions. Blake, thank you so much for being the radiant light that you are!

With infinite gratitude,

Dr. Sasha Raskin, LPC."

“I have been to many different therapists over a long period, but always felt like there was something missing in their teachings. When I started seeing Blake some months ago, he began teaching me about how to love myself unconditionally, (all of me, no judgment only acceptance, love, compassion and forgiveness for myself) and it reached so deeply into my soul, and it made sense. It had been quite foreign to me to love myself. Blake has a gentle nature and a beautiful soul and through these he displays amazing wisdom. When I am in a session with Blake it sometimes feels like I have no story, only this moment and this moment is filled with love and gratitude. If you are looking for guidance or seeking a teacher, I would strongly recommend that you try Blake. Thank you so much Blake for reminding me of who I am and how to love and forgive myself.”   


Gemma V. 

“Blake has helped me overcome the severe anxiety issues I’ve suffered since my teenage years, through his meditation techniques, positive thinking and continuing support. I am now 39 years of age and am looking at life with a lot more confidence, happiness and joy. I sincerely and highly recommend Blake’s approach as he has helped me when I thought there were no further options, and no hope.”


Brad W. 


"When I first went to Blake I felt empty, anxious and out of touch with my feelings. I knew I needed to change but didn't know how. Blake provided me with the opportunity to talk frankly and openly without judgment, which was in itself a release, while teaching me how to change my limiting beliefs. He helped me internalize why it is so important to love myself unconditionally and he showed me how this love would enhance my relationships and create happiness. Working with Blake has changed my life!! With his guidance I have been able to reprogram my thoughts enabling me to find more peace. Since working with Blake I am off medication, I have begun to value myself, I have left behind a relationship which no longer serves me, and I have booked an overseas trip which will fulfill a dream. He has made me realize that anything is possible and that I am deserving. Blake has a wisdom which is genuine and authentic. Through my sessions with him I have gained the ability to heal my soul, leave the past behind, and move on to a better life. I now believe that I am 100% responsible for the life I create from this moment forward. To anyone who wants to change their life and is considering seeing Blake as a professional I say to them, "If not now, when?" 


Maree M. 

"Blake is an amazing guide. I came to see him to get clear on my goals, create an abundant practice and learn the art of respecting and loving myself in truer ways. I can say that all of these intentions have manifested during our sessions. I now have a thriving practice, I learnt to truly value my work and even put my rates up, yet because I valued myself, more clients came. I also let go of old baggage that was holding me back and got so clear and on purpose by doing this I manifested an extraordinary opportunity for myself. A literal dream come true. Blake’s guidance and presence cut through limiting beliefs and take you on a journey of real & true self value, loving oneself. I have found that once you truly love and value yourself, others come to love and value you more too, because you begin to shine through. And that makes the world of difference. I have had enormous spiritual growth since coming to know Blake and he seeded all of it. If I was to look back only 6 months ago I can see that I’ve come so far, so much has moved, so much has changed. I am now living out my dream life. What more could you ask for. Blake reminds me it is ok to love myself, in fact it is more than ok, it changes everything, and I deserve that. If you are looking for any level of guidance Blake will take you to places you were only dreaming of in a very short period of time. Thank you Blake for all that you have done."


Natalie A. 


“I happened across Blake Bauer's meditation & personal development classes at a timely moment in my life. I'd ended my second marriage only months earlier and was looking for support with my healing from not only the devastation of that, but also a whole lot of internal pain. With Blake's guidance I've been able to channel my own strength and optimistically look forward. His sessions had an instant positive impact and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Blake has a gift, which represents itself with understanding and knowledge in opening people up to their own healing and personal development. I believe many Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Life Coaches could learn from his approach. Thank you Blake.” 


Angela L. 


“I was on a downward spiral before seeing Blake. I wasn’t happy, and hadn’t been in a few years.  It was an instant sigh of relief once I began my sessions with him. He was not only someone to talk to, but immediately Blake was able to get me to look inside of myself; a place that I didn’t like to go and protected myself from going with negative thoughts and emotions. These things began to stifle me from living my true life. Through his teachings and his conscious listening I am now present and at a place where I feel my life has just begun. Thank you.”  


Sam R. 



“To describe Blake with a few words; beautifully humble, a powerfully Open Hearted Man! To describe Blake's work; one must experience it to feel it and to Know It! My experience of Qi Gong… you literally feel the energy that connects us with Mother Earth/Nature… Pure Love.” 


Michael S. 


“I had been searching for a teacher for a very long time. Someone who I could trust to support me in coming home to my true nature as only someone can do who has walked the walk themselves. And I knew I had found one of those bright lights when I met Blake. He was beaming with joy! I wanted to be with him every day all day :) Blake was the first person who called me out on using my meditation practice as a way to avoid life, instead of opening right up to it, being present to ALL of it and then consciously looking at the inner programs that were obscuring the happiness and fulfillment of my true nature. Thank God (Blake). Because the peace I found on my meditation cushion never lasted very long and he knew that if I was to be serious about finding lasting peace in my life, I had to actually take responsibility for the chaos within and embrace it all with Love. So that is what we did, and I am amazed by this quiet peace that was hiding underneath it all, and all the love, gratitude and cheerfulness that springs forth from it. I am deeply grateful to have Blake in my life. Whenever I am faced with a challenging situation, I often ask myself: what would Blake do? And very quickly I am reminded to choose the higher frequencies of love, kindness and peace. And if I keep on writing about him, I will book a flight just to give him a hug :) THANK YOU Blake!”   


Insa R.



“I first met Blake in June 2011 when I attended his Self Love Seminar in Geelong, I knew it was something I had a connection with and wanted to experience the day’s events. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and took away a lot and tried to apply it to my life. When I say I had a connection, by this I mean I did not love myself. I knew deep down that I wanted to face this and change my life around, but I too knew that there was a lot of hard work ahead of me, so I kept on putting the avoidance tactics in place. I carried on with my own thoughts, my pain, my analysis on life & not valuing myself until one day back in August I reached a point where I could not ignore how I was sabotaging my life anymore, the pain and emotion were too strong to bear, so the time was right and I contacted Blake. I was very nervous on my first meeting with Blake, I had been to see other people before and it had not gone well, or I had felt as though I could not be at ease and say what was really going on inside of me. If you ever go to see Blake, or if you have seen Blake, you will always be greeted with a hug. This first hug for me was the connection I needed to know that I had found someone who I could bear all too and feel safe in doing so; I trusted Blake instantly. Even now when I hug Blake on greeting him, his energy is so powerful that I can feel it, it is truly amazing.I have been seeing Blake for 2 hours a week over the last month and already he has helped me to start to believe in myself again, he has given me back the spark that I needed to find myself from within. Blake has taught me that I already hold everything within me to create my ultimate life, that I need to love, honour and respect myself, that I do matter and that I am a beautiful person inside and out. Sometimes these attributes are hard to find or believe in yourself, but let me tell you that Blake believes it in each and every one of us and he will guide you into seeing this for yourself. I still have a long road ahead but with my commitment and Blake’s guidance I am so confident and excited that I will create my ultimate life and be free of all the pain. I am so grateful to have met Blake and that I have him in my life at the right time, when I am ready to heal and move forward.”  


Lisa W. 



“I made the decision to see Blake after I saw the changes he had made to a friend’s life. At this point in time I was in quite a state! I had been in “funks” before but this time I just couldn’t get myself out of it and didn’t know what to do. Triggered by the sudden death of a work colleague all of the anger and devastation at losing my own father was brought back to the forefront and I was really struggling to figure out what the point to all “this” was? What’s the point of life? Why was I put on this earth? Had I taken the wrong path? And strangely, but not unconnected - the single woman’s eternal, internal question: why can’t I find a man!? By the time I’d sat down for my first session with Blake I had gotten myself in such a state all I could do was cry. But I left that first session with a small nugget of hope. Over the months that nugget has just kept on growing. Blake has changed my life. Of this I have no doubt. But what keeps surprising me is that it wasn’t hard, and it didn’t hurt. Blake has helped me to see that I have SO much to be grateful for in my life with the simple practice of “Intentions in Gratitude”. He has helped me to set and achieve goals, (including applying for and being successful in a new job), and to determine what I really want from my life.Blake has helped me to see how I can fill myself up with happiness by being true to myself and by valuing what I have rather than consistently focusing on what I don’t.I would recommend Blake and his work to anyone who is questioning their place in this world, their purpose in life. If you’ve lost the ability to laugh every day, if you feel like happiness evades you, if you’re struggling to let go of the past for whatever reason – make contact.”


Narelle H.

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