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for Real Healing & Total Life Transformation.


If you are looking for real no b.s. support to heal and change any area of your personal or professional life, I am currently accepting a limited number of serious private clients. If any of these topics are relevant please feel free to reach out below.

  • Improve Physical, Emotional & Mental Health 

  • Honor Your Dreams / Goals / Life Purpose 

  • Overcome Fears, Insecurities & Self-Doubt 

  • Overcome Self-Betrayal, Self-Abandonment & Self-Rejection

  • Understand Exactly How To Love, Value, Accept, Honor, Trust, Forgive, Care For & Be True To Yourself

  • Exactly How to Feel Worthy of Health, Happiness & Good Love

  • Work / Money / Building Wealth

  • Healthy / Unealthy Relationships

  • Marriage / Divorce / Dating 

  • Parenting Support

  • Family of Origin Healing

  • Inner Child & Past Trauma Healing 

  • Spiritual Path / Connection to Higher Power

  • Addictions 

  • Anger Issues 

  • Forgiveness & Overcoming Betrayal 

  • Death / Grieving 

  • Meditation & Mind Training 

  • Qi Gong Healing Exercise

  • Publishing & Self-Publishing 

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